Buy Fireworks Direct from China at Wholesale Prices!

Raging Bull Fireworks is your direct line to the best fireworks that China has to offer. Straight from the Chinese fireworks factory to your door.

Forget the hassle of international communication: we speak your language, plain and clear and you’ll find no lost-in-translation moments when dealing with us.

Excellent Fireworks Prices and Fast Delivery

Buy Fireworks Direct from China at Wholesale Prices!

Cut out the middleman and import direct. We can even arrange freight forwarding to your nearest port as part of our service.

You simply need to be a licensed fireworks importer with all the appropriate documentation. We will talk you through any gaps in your information.

Our terms of trade and payment clearing houses are world’s best practice. None of the horror stories of dealing with Chinese companies. You will find we’re an excellent trading partner.

Full range of Big Brand Fireworks

Fireworks for the professional artist: We stock a comprehensive range of the fireworks that your clients are asking for. From 2” to 16” display shells to cakes, fountains, mortar tubes, firing devices, parallel wire and more.

Fireworks for home enthusiasts: Your clients will love the full range of confetti cannons, roman candles, artillery shells, cakes, firecrackers, fountains, helicopters (aerials), rockets and spinners we have to offer.

How to buy

Simply Contact Us to make an enquiry regarding any of the products you find in our Products pages.

We will respond very quickly with all the information you need to make your decision.

We back up our speedy customer response with industry-leading factory service. Your products will arrive on-time, every time. We look forward to doing business with you.




Our  Purpose-built factory has been constructed against a  hill to add extra safety to the  production of our fireworks




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